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    Making a tribe soon, join & help pick a spot

    I think one of the most important parts of having fun with a game and not getting bored with it, is making friends with the same interests and goals that you have in the game. A friend and I will be setting up a new tribe in the next day or so. We would like to invite a few people to join and help pick out a great spot, as well as help make it a strong, fun tribe. It will be a tribe where everyone has a say in what we do from day and what our future goals will be. While we are looking for fellow leaders, we are also encouraging people who just want to play and be part of a good group.
    If your interested or have any questions at all, please PM me here or in game(Cctcowboy). We will be scouting areas for a little bit before we place a totem, so hurry and come help us find a great spot for our new village!

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    I am interested

    I will pm you ... but wanted to let you know, I want to know more!

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