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    Different types of containers (not baskets)

    Weapon racks. Wood based product (woodcrafting skill) which could host weapons and look good in a camp.

    Armor rack - Similar to weapon rack, keeping armor parts in baskets is just silly

    Tool rack - Same as weapons, just for tools. It would increase tool durability as well keeping them in dedicated rack.

    Essentially I would like to see different containers to be able to bring order in my camp as having everything in baskets is not easy to maintain.

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    All good suggestions. A few more I was thinking of:

    Chests (Woodcrafting)
    Barrels (Woodcrafting)
    Pots and Jars (Pottery)
    Cloth and leather pouches (Tailoring and Leathercrafting)

    These would be items for farther down the road though. As we move toward agriculture and from tents to cabins, etc.

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