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    Angry PayPal Monthly Subscribtion requires a CreditCard!

    I have enough money on PayPal to buy Xsyon and now i tryd to buy.

    PayPal told me: "PayPal Monthly Subscribtion requires a CreditCard"

    What the hell, I'm German, i DONT have a Creditcard im not this rich.

    Theres no alternative payment, now what to do?

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    Im using a pre-paid credit card current, these can be bound to name or just trow away card once used.
    Im sure the germans have their own versions and websites were you can simply buy a digital credit card using your digital or old fashion banking system.

    I personally would love to see moneybookers add to the list saves a lot of trouble in order to buy the game or pay for subscriptions, And add's world wide support for about every single banking system there is in the world.

    Paypal is old,slow and stuck in the old age, loads of people have account issue's whit them (me incl)

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    Was thinking about getting a Prepaid Creditcard but it takes too mch time agan...
    I was waiting a month to get the Money and paid in Paypal and now?? That sucks so badly.

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    Because of your situation myrothas, I decided to find out some options for German players. For us the answer seems easy, obtain what is called a Visa Debit Card (VDC) and you have a credit card that is linked to the bank account - if you don't have the funds in your bank account you cannot get the item(s). This option is (to the best of my ability to search for it) not available in Germany.

    The EC Card, to my understanding is not able to be linked into the PayPal system either. And cannot be used like a credit card, so cannot be used directly with Xsyon.

    I continued looking into the problem for you and found that many customers in Germany simply link their paypal account to their bank account. But as of right now I can find no PayPal information saying that this is actually possible. And again because I do not fully know what I'm talking about here, their was mention of a Eurocard which maybe of use to you.

    At this stage, I personally can't offer any answers, but I will try and find out what I can.

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