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Thread: Zombies!!!

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    All i can see is wow, i logged in to the game for a bit of crafting before leaving this morning and saw a group of what i thought were players hanging around the mist, but no it was a gang of zombies that came sprinting towards me like a scene from 28 days later!!!

    I died almost as soon as i tried to fight, but these buggers hit hard so i'm guessing they are made for big groups, thanks devs, this is just what i was hoping for in this game!

    *will upload the short vid i took later.

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    I saw them! And when they attacked Mila Jovovich jumped on them and killed them all then took off towards next sector.

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    And then Virtus came riding in on his golden armored white horse. He rode through the ranks of undead like a demon of justice. His greatness only stained by the brains of his foes. His mighty Lance Of Xsyon piercing hundreds as his stead of greatness gored the undead. There were thousands and he went down under the horde. I fell to my knees and watched in horror as they piled onto him. But then there was a great flash and everything was destroyed for 4 zones around. I looked up and saw Virtus unbound by mortal clothes floating high above the carnage bellow. He said unto me "Pwned".

    Will post a vid later.

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    Damn I missed that, I was chasing Mila.

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    12pm, april fools is done, atleast in my timezone... I did manage to get a few friends with some wind ups, the best convincing a friend he had an illegitimate child from a one night stand.

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    now i want zombies in the game

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    Lol you guys suck I would love to see a zombie horde

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miyukini View Post
    April fool...
    But a good one.

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