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    Hephaestus Foundation

    We are currently seeking enterprising members of the Xyson community with which to organize and become the leader in the in-game economy.

    Our goals are as follows: to become the leading provider of crafted goods in all possible markets; to acquire net resources necessary to facilitate the protection of our facilities and members; to become a dominant force in the raw resource-trading market.

    We understand that this game provides the opportunity for organizations to assert themselves economically in a very dynamic world. We intend to be that group.

    We are cognizant of the fact that this game and its world are still in their infancy. However, we believe that, with resourceful minds and a drive to succeed, this organization will become an entity unlike anything seen or expected in the world of Xyson.


    Currently, we are seeking individuals to fill a number of roles.

    -Crafter- If you cherish the notion of leveling tradeskills and acquiring rare or hard-to-find recipes, we want you. As we grow, our influence over the economy will grow, and the immense effort invested by diligent crafters will be rewarded in similarly immense wealth. We can facilitate the sale of your wares to others more readily than anyone else can.

    -Adventurer- We will be constantly seeking avenues to expand our empire, and adventurers are exceedingly capable of finding resource-rich environments for us to harvest and exploit. Adventurers might also find themselves scouting other encampments, providing reconnaissance on threatening forces, or simply gathering raw materials to fuel our endeavors.

    -Diplomat- Do you feel that you are an excellent negotiator? Are you confident that you can reach trade agreements with other tribes to garner more resources? Are you conniving enough to subvert the actions of others? Within our organization, there is no right and wrong, we do not live by a code of ethics. We seek only profit and the expansion of our empire.

    -Mercenary- Unfortunately, not everyone in our organization can be concerned with intricacies of combat on any scale. Fortunately, there are a number of clever brutes in the world that will gladly swing sword and board for the right price. We will be negotiating deals with both individuals, and combat-oriented tribes to ensure that we are protected and that no opposition stands in our way.


    We are the Hephaestus Foundation.

    For more information - please inquire within this thread. Interested parties should submit a brief bio and describe the talents or traits that they are prepared to bring to the organization.

    Thanks you for taking the time to read this.

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    Re:Hephaestus Foundation

    Tech, economy, crafting, and resource procurement are the chief goals of the United Socialist Survivor's Republic. Might I suggest you check us out?

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    im new to xsyon but im looking to be a craftsman. Starting out im a toolmaker and would like to expand tht into other avenues. Im friendly and cooperative, as well as willing to embrk on large scale projects. pst me at breastedman.

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    This is the most entertaining necro ever. @mentalhealth, I'm afraid the "Foundation" advertised above didn't turn out to be an economic power after all. Maybe try Raven Moon tribe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
    This is the most entertaining necro ever.
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