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    List of suggestions tweaks

    This is my own list of tweaks and suggestions that i've taken from what other ppl have said and a few selfish ones (some very selfish). Please let me know what the community consensus is, and I'll edit the post to add or delete ones that are of particular concern.


    - terrain leveling (add a level up or level down option, maybe as your skill goes up) a purely selfish desire. I hate leveling terrain.

    - Add seeding for trees and grass in order to get them back into production. Trees in particular. It doesn't have to be a quick process. In addition, there will be enough tree griefers that trees won't be over abundant.


    - Introduce quality of goods... along side of this, introduce the who made what feature.


    - Remove exploitable death penalty (Insta-travelling) back to spawn point.

    - Add Item decay soon

    - Make containers besides bags.

    - Add a scroll bar to the window (crafting, quest, etc)

    - Improved chat windows. Adjustable font sizes, background colors, etc

    Please let me know what to add or delete. I won't add or delete things unless I think the community as a whole (from what I read... so yes... it is a subjective list).

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    Definitely with you on the death penalty and decay. I would also add to add either a tree system or at the very least a scroll bar to the crafting window. I know most the leather armor sets and pretty much have to sit there for a minute and a half waiting for it to scroll to the bottom before I can make something new. Also a way to make terraformed ground either grow grass or trees or not be that ugly grey dirt color would be awesome.

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    good call on the scroll system. will add it post haste

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    Scroll to every windows, quest don't work either...

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    What is the MMO FotM today?
    Storage structures: Crafted containers that will hold smaller (filled) containers. Such as: Chests, Safes, Vaults, Storage Sheds, Warehouse

    Improved chat window! Adjustable font sizes, Background w/ transparency setting. But I'd be happy right now with just a simple black background for the text box. These aging eyes are going blind fast enough on their own!

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