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    What zone has the most people who want to fight?

    I would like a zone that is densely populated with people who like to fight.

    I know myself and a few others would gladly relocate if there were an area with multiple people willing to leave their safezones.

    Say what you want about the xsion combat, there are some of us that log in to fight. A zone or group of zones that was populated with like minded people would save me a lot of time.

    So. Does this zone already exist? If not, any nominations?

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    Generally, zones close to mist border is where PvP guilds tend to settle their cities, so the further you go from the starter points (or the main lake), the better for finding what you want.

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    904, Pandemics, Arena when its finished. You've already been there and had some fun with us and AR. A good a place as any. 904 is full of Pvp guilds, aside from carebear DHoV. I heard they quit the game.

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