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    New player looking for home

    Looking for a tribe.
    experience "mmo'er"

    Any more info wanted, just ask.

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    Welcome to Xsyon! Have a look at New Eden. We're a primarily crafting tribe that's pretty active.


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    I've messaged Burnt asking for consideration to join. I was wondering whilst i wait for a reply.. Where about should i spawn my new character? The game has like couple hundred megabytes left, so..

    Cheers, Will

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    Sent ya a pm.

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    Way to look around at what other tribes might have to offer, lol, enjoy the game

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    In case you're still on the fence, check out Hopi as well. ( We're a good-aligned tribe that does everything in the game, from crafting and civilization building to trading and PvP patrols. We have a Ventrilo server and a great website. Most of our members are older and more mature. Nobody is younger than 19.

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    Pm send buddy ^^

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    I invite you to belong to "The Trading Outpost" We are growing rapidly, there are no slaves here, you can build your house, and everything belongs to everybody, and we all work for everyone, if you're interested, we are in the area 938. Attached to the coast.

    My name in game is "Patako" Whispeame me or:


    A greeting and I hope you join.

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    With an old west name like Will Butler You sound like a perfect fit for the Regulators.

    We are a neutral/lawful tribe that has an old west theme. Many or our members already have old west names like the boss, Will Bonney, Anne Oakely, etc...

    If you would like Information Please check out our website at or send a whisper to LaughingOak in game.

    If you choose to.. we are at starting area Sugarpine.

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