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    First person view is a MUST

    I know this was probably discussed before but we need working first person view. I visited a friends camp last night and it was beautifully designed camp with walls and structures neatly in place. And yet it was a nightmare to be in that place due to shitty camera which just went wild while I was covered with objects. I barely managed to get out of that place!!!

    Give is first person view so that I wish I want to build something as complex as my friend. Right now I have strong desire to cut down every tree that I see and live in open plains or on top of mountains due to bad camera.

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    as you said, discussed before.. no.

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    I'm a little confused.

    Is the OP complaining about the current first person view, or does he not know we already have a first person camera mode?
    The first person view can be accessed by cycling through the camera presets using the 'Home' key.

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    I do. And its crap = must be re-worked. Sorry about lack of clarity, I hope this helps get things straight.

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    I believe the home key (one one of the keys near it) switches views and there is a first person view

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    First person view is messed up. The camera is too far forward and there seems to be something off with the perspective, field of view. Everything looks closer then it is.

    Also, The way to get to first person view needs to be changed. Follow the standard of nearly every other game out that allows switching and zooming views. Zooming all the way in should switch, not show you the back of his head. Zooming out should switch back to which ever 3rd person camera view was last used. Then just remove first person from the home key cycle to simplify that.

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    Thanks Vorg, you explained it much better then I did but this is what I was trying to say.

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    I think it would be nice to just have a toggle 1st or 3rd person button, and then a 3rd person view changer, rather than a zoom in and zoom out system. Pressing a button would be much faster. But yeah either way something needs to be changed because cycling through like 5 different view modes every time you go from 1st to 3rd person mainly just makes it so that for me, 1st person is a rarely used feature.

    Also as stated improve the first person. Change the camera position and possibly make it so that it shows any weapon you have out. I really enjoy playing in 1st person if it is done right.

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    No, zoom is already used in other games and works plenty fast enough. Just as fast as pushing another button and we don't need to define any more buttons to do it.

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