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    Server freeze/crashing error

    Virtus: is the game working?
    Jooky: no, I turned it off
    Jooky: no point testing more now
    Jooky: we know the problem
    Jooky: it's with players that log off / disconnect
    Jooky: the player is deleted
    Jooky: but other players are still accessing that player in other threads
    Jooky: we need to set up the critical section better that's it
    Jooky: not much coding, just need to think the logic through right
    Jooky: so we'll be up tonight (our tonight) to fix it

    So should be fixed tonight or some point tomorrow.

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    Re:Server freeze/crashing error

    Good to know that the problem is being addressed and sounds like they already know how to remedy it. Good stuff.

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    Re:Server freeze/crashing error

    P.S. He is currently sleeping as he was up all night and most of today due to the server problems.

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    Yeah, this is a pretty serious problem.

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