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    scroll bars or speed

    If we are not getting scroll bars anytime soon can you at least speed up the menu on crafting like it is with skill menu.Going really slow though the menu shouldent be part of the challenge of leving a craft.

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    And put a button at the top of the crafting UI to toggle how the recipes are listed, too (e.g. by name, difficulty, etc.).

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    Yeah, all of these have been suggested a thousand time, I'm guessing they'll get to it after they fix the zone lag and such.

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    YES i know they have its one of the 1st things I wanted changed lets face it building and crafting is all we can do right now and when your around lev 70(unless you know every recipe) plus in a craft its just not even worth it.Its not really that hard to set it a little higher speed to go down the list. Or better yet dont make it shoot right back to the top every time you learn something new.

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