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    Perhaps a notice to buyers would help

    Perhaps NG should really consider putting a detailed informative notice on the Order Now page to let prospective buyers really understand what state the game is currently in.

    On one hand NG states on the features page all of these impressive features but only mentions that Xsyon is a developing world. A good portion of the features on that list are not implemented as of yet and that is not made clear. Now anytime spent on forums will reveal this, but a simple notice might be advisable to limit perhaps the 'this game is not finished yet' banter.

    Now to be clear, I myself am not complaining about the state of the game. I am a solo homesteader and have more than enough to do. I just would like to see this game advance in a positive way and think a bit of clarity from the company would only help going forward for new players.

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    If you feel you were cheated i understand what you mean. But theres no game in the world that advertises its lag..

    "On top of all these great and innovative features we offer - The added challenge of combating lag, Tool tips that don't tip, and of course jumping that looks so weird you have to see it for yourself to believe it!"

    Dont take me wrong its a great game and im just having a little too much fun here, but you can see why they arent putting it out there.

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