This might come a bit soon as game is lacking some of the basic stuff like decay and tooltips right now but what I would like to see is the ability to craft special items, especially weapons. Let me explain:

Basic weapon recipe would allow you create basic weapon which would have basic status based on your crafting skills and quality of your components and tools. I would be nice to be able to add an extra ingridient to that weapon during creation or after it has been created as an enhancement and get a special item that would have status altered compared to basic item. Lets say you craft an axe but intead of using any tree handle you use handle made from light wood (which would imply that wood quality must be different) which then increases attack speed of that weapon but makes it less durable. Or using different type of metal on knifes and picks etc.

In the next few months each tribe will have a crafter maxed in every discipline and they will be able to dish out stuipd amounts of weapons and armors with maxed status. If you introduce possibility that each crafting run could yield something improved you will make crafting a long term profession.

Since you plan on introducing magic later down the road you can already start thinking about my proposal as of one way of enchanting items. Or adding poison damage if you can produce poisons from plants etc.