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    The new challenger's first steps and thoughts!!!

    I've only been playing for a few days off and on sooooo here we go.

    I found this game out, by 2 classmates referring me to this game, I played minecraft and WANTED TERRA BADLY to play MO/Darkfall/Ultima. Subscription based games keep me away from purchasing.

    I bought this game, because I saw its potential and still see it.

    Day 1, I log in, mess with hiding a bit im all excited and pumped and then I see two people building. I stay into hiding, and I try to camo with mountains?(bad idea) one of the dudes came and killed me.

    STILL PUMPED, I delete and start a new. This time, im just exploring, seeing all of these places that were built and no one being there, until I (didn't know till they told me) I came across some apache members and their tribe place (looks great btw) they asked if I needed a place and I told them I would think about it. No conflict there, so I just kept running around.

    Day 2, I looked up a ton of videos, saintbobs and others helped me out alot so I decided to keep it movin and look for junk. I ended up getting curious, going into some water and falling, down a HUGE waterfall and dieing. Another reroll, and I ended up at this really good location, so I started (trying) to build.

    I started talking with this guy(don't remember his name) and he was going to give me some weaps for free!!! ^^ although I didn't know how to get there, I began my adventure to his tribe location. I ended up giving up though but it wasn't his fault! I just lost interest.

    Day 3 - 7 present. I pretty much wandered around the landscape, I found a decent enough place but I will probally drift somewhere else.

    I didn't encounter anyone visually after I saw the apache tribe, that didnt bother me too much though^^.

    Basically, I think this game can improve, but the devs should find a way to keep the current playerbase, here and not leaving. I havent been here long enough to tell some of the problems, but I see people complaining about pvp not being the way it should be, lag, and alot of features missing <<

    In my opinion, if you make this game free for the people who are playing during prelude, or even pull a minecraft and do a reduced price. Something to encourage players to stay through this long development process.

    And put something in the game that still holds to your design, but excites the player base. For example, I saw that it seems the animal population is pretty thin, allow the bears and wolfs to breed and reproduce like rabbits!!!

    Still, that requires work and you all are an indie team, I shouldn't suggest anything like that anyways.

    I'm impressed, that my first thought, I'm not disappointed to the least. And instead of ranting about things not being right I will keep my subscription up, and keep playing the game ^^

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    Hello there, the offer still stands if your looking for a tribe.

    The animal breeding is something that is in by design but players keep killing off the animals too fast for them to reproduce. there ai is buggy atm that makes them go out into the green mist where we can't follow. i believe that is the next patch scheduled to today or tomorrow.

    personally i think some animals should have a mobile spawner like raccoons on trash or in zones where there are no people.

    im not saying the animal population should be heavy but in some area's it should be.

    i hope it all gets fixed and works awesome.

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    I think the bottom line is the devs need the money to produce the game or we would still be in beta until all the gizmos get worked out.

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    I have no problem with the $15 price. If there was visible and regular progress i would even pay more. if i leave, a $2 month sub wouldnt make any diffrence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_rt View Post
    I have no problem with the $15 price. If there was visible and regular progress i would even pay more. if i leave, a $2 month sub wouldnt make any diffrence.
    This is where im at, i came into the game expecting little and got allot, i think the players that overhyped the game by reading the features may have been let down. how ever there is plenty to do you just have to look, its slowly starting to resemble real life where your not going to step outside your house and poof something to do.

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