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    Chicken or the Egg?

    Did the sudden lack of players cause a stampede of posts on the forums about the game dying?

    Or is no one bothering to log in because of all the doom and gloom posts on the forums?

    I find myself less likely to log in, but I almost feel like I am more negative towards the state of the game because of all the forum posts and less so cause of the game itself... it's strange.

    I mean if people just stopped playing, how are so many people still on the boards talking about how the game is now dead and empty?

    Might just be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    I prefer chicken, except on occasional mornings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bohemond88 View Post
    I prefer chicken, except on occasional mornings.
    Nothing beats eggs in the morning... with some toast and bacon mmmm....

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    How about a chicken omellete, those are pretty good. With Salsa Fresca, mmmm

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    The vast majority of the activity in Prelude Chat is generated by the same small group of people, the "forum regulars". Scan through the posts and replies on the first page and you'll quickly notice the same names recurring.

    I highly doubt the game has depopulated because of the tone of the forum posts. More likely that the forum reflects the state of the game.

    Unless Xsyon is different to any other MMO, only a relatively small portion of the playerbase actually reads anything on the forums (other than server status and game updates/patchnotes), and an even smaller group actually posts. Add to that the fact that people mostly post when they are unhappy about something, or need to know something specific that can't be answered satisfactorily in ingame chat.

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    how ever also remember that in almost every MMO not that many players read the forums. so its double edge sword, there are players that dont come here that play so they have never seen such doom and gloom posts. and there are players that have left and dont come here and did not write the doom and gloom posts.

    i think some games have even said were only like 10% of the actual server population with others as high as 40%

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    I would think that the percentages would be higher for indie games.

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    Also consider the number of people reading the forums has drastically fallen recently. I think the reasons for the mass exodus are deeper than forum trolls.

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    The number of people posting has decreased. But like said above, its the same group...there are just fewer now.
    The game world has depopulated of its own accord.

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    the game just got bored..
    no new features ... nothing to do ...
    running to get some one to kill ... and then u lag
    its just have to be improved and more like 3 months every one will come to play again when it will be better to play
    thats all

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