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    A have a dream...

    Technically I "had" a dream about Xsyon.

    I was lost in the middle of the zone near lake tahoe and for some reason Blackzilla agreed to help me out and told me to pick a tree to stay near so he could come find me. Lake tahoe had a very large wooden structure built on top of it, with trees in some of the wood-work so I told him to meet me there.

    While waiting a PK group started coming around so I was running through the woodwork being chased by these players. Eventually I was forced to the top of this structure (which was probably 6-7 stories high of wooden stairs and walkways) and took a nose dive down into lake tahoe, the group followed.

    One of them failed to jump far enough and landed squarely on a lower level wooden walkway and promptly died. I then took off underwater to try and lose them, and it worked! Using the wooden structure's underwater construction and the glare off the top of the water they gave up chase... for now.

    Making my way underwater I was running out of breath and if I surfaced they would give chase again. So I found an underwater passage through to another area where I could catch my breath... Here I found a random chest, I dug through and pulled out some gloves and a dagger... not much, but hopefully enough to defend myself.

    As I was rummaging through the chest I was spotted by the same group and gave chase down a road which now ran along part of the lake. As I was running I spotted a very "decked out" player combating some powerful NPC monsters which were assaulting the structure in the middle of the lake. Just as I spotted him another large group of "decked out" characters came up and killed the solo player, but ignored me.

    This new group must have scared off the other group cause they were not to be seen. Scared this new group would now come after me I again ascended the large structure in the middle of lake tahoe to escape, however they did not give chase, they only waited at the bottom, perhaps expecting me to come down.

    Eventually I grew a pair and dived right on top of one of them (from probably the 3rd or 4th floor) temporarily stunning him and attacking him vigorously with my dagger.... unfortunately these guys were no random PK group and I wasn't denting this guy. Fortunately they were not interested in me and my measly equipment (dagger and a glove is all) so they laughed and walked away.

    Around this time Blackzilla finally showed up, wearing some khakis, a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses (no kidding) to take me to his totem for protection. I go up to his area and it is all large stone walls and structures with turreted walls much like a castle. The inside was all extremely organized with baskets and chests in specific areas and signs (they sort of floated above the containers) marking each area with a number for organizational purposes.

    He mentioned he had been working on all his skills and had maxxed a bunch by now but wanted to work with me to start building more.

    At this point I woke up and realized that nothing I have just dreamed is currently possible in the world of Xsyon... but hey, a man can dream right?

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    That was a pretty good read. And Zilla is a good guy; I'm sure he would have helped you out against gankers

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbladed View Post
    That was a pretty good read. And Zilla is a good guy; I'm sure he would have helped you out against gankers
    He just needs his Hawaiin Shirt and Sunglasses :P

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