This Event will take place on -

Date: 10th of April 2011
Time: 7pm PST

The Event

Rabid Killers

I need your help! This is a call to all tribes and Survivors! Our chances at survival depend on you!

My name is Elessa Butler. I am a botanist and animal behavior researcher. As I was out exploring an area near Estelle, I came across a circle of amazing ethereal stone structures with an earth altar in the center. This must have once been a sacred prayer area for one of the ancient tribes. Next to this altar lay a human skeleton and a small tattered backpack rested atop it. I’d assumed the remains had been there a very long time; the bones were completely stripped clean.

My initial feeling was to turn and walk away, but in hopes of finding food or tools, I just had to check the contents of the torn pack. There was no food. I found only decaying plants, a small knife and a nearly shredded piece of parchment with few legible words scrawled across.
You can imagine my horror and shock when I saw the date on the parchment was only yesterday. I tried to decipher as much as I could from the note. This is the best I could make out:

“….Never in my life …. Such terror… Just so many… out of nowhere….
…..scratches and bites all over……no water………escaped…..bleeding badly….
…….clicking and chirping……….foaming….gnash….RACC…..tell my wife….

This was signed Professor Conally.

As I was leaving the sacred area I heard faint clicking, then more and even more! It seemed to be echoing all around me. Then the clicking turned to screams, almost like a human. That’s when I noticed the yellow glowing eyes reflecting the dusk light. There must have been a thousand! I ran as fast and far as I could. Dozens of eyes followed behind me clear into the next zone! I am lucky to be alive.

From what I have read about raccoons, they don’t normally live groups larger than four. They certainly don’t get on in large packs! I honestly don’t understand why the rabid creatures chose that area or why they grouped together in that manner. There has been talk of the mist affecting animal behavior but could it have changed their instincts? Has it perhaps altered they’re reproductive hormones? Maybe there’s something about that altar that change them. They need to be researched, but with that vast amount there just is no way of getting close enough to collect a sample.

We need to gather as one to take them out before they take over more zones and ruin our last chance at survival! This is going to be dangerous, there may be other creatures or even warring tribes that will threaten our very lives.

This is not a mission for the weak. Do you have what it takes to survive?


• Find and eradicate all Raccoons in the Estelle zone area, this is around zone 815.

I would like to add that there is no safety from PvP.

Have Fun!