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    Leaning Questions

    The new manual says the primary skills for Intelligence are Architecture and Leaning. So now I've got a lot of questions.

    How do you lean? Is there a hot key like sitting and sleeping? Do you have to lean against something? What can you lean on--trees, walls, structures, other players? Does leaning help with stamina recovery, and if so how does it compare with sitting and sleeping?

    Perhaps it is not something you do yourself, but something you do with objects like logs. I've only been able to lay logs and gathered materials flat. What is the trick in leaning? Can you lean the same log multiple times for skill gains?

    Has anyone gained skill in leaning? How many times did you have to lean for your skill gain? Is it possible to become and expert leaner without macroing?

    Can any of you experienced leaners answer my questions?


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    Truly intelligent people are not caught leaning. . the skill comes in not being seen doing it

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    You mean, LEARN. Its a mistype i guess. lol

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    English is not a strong point of this game's developers or community <3

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    The last half of that has both pro and newb leaning in it if you want to get a feel for the progression.

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    You need to get sitting till at least 70 before you get the option
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    When you fail leaning do you fall on your face?

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