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    hey fellows,
    a friend and me startet this wonderful game some days ago, thought i'd drop a fast hellow in here.
    We live up in the mountains around sugar pine and we are having a blast harvesting grass. and stuff.

    see ya around - have to hurry back in to find out how to craft me a walkman.

    edit: might add a small question here: is there any buddy-invites or sort of trial available yet? bit early i guess ...

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    no trials or anything as of yet. I think they want to iron out the game features before they let anyone try it out and judge it.

    EDIT: and welcome to xsyon

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    ya, thats perfectly understandable, just wanted to be sure i didnt miss some early offer.

    and ty

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    Welcome to Xsyon, if you have any issues or questions in game please use the /h channel for help from the guide team. Let the adventure begin!

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