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    Down time chatting

    OK so while the server is doing maintenance lets share some odd story's.

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    How about a story about running a poll in game, rather than on the forums, to poll opinions of fixed maintenance times? This is getting extremely annoying having to miss out on game time every night.

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    Lol, shoulda seen that coming. When will we have a community not complain about pre set down/maintenance times..

    Topic: I clicked...i am still sausageless...that sounds wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meissner61 View Post
    When will we have a community not complain about pre set down/maintenance times...
    Never, not as long as I'm around

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    I am sausageless too, but I went out and bought pizza - yummo!

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    Why did you not summon it using your guide powers?

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    I am a probationary guide, I have not yet been given the sausage summoning power!

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    Once you have your sausages, you should head to the Society of the Anvil. They have plenty of fires to cook your sausages on.

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    *Clicks sausage link*

    Last night I decided it was time to venture the world. I've had enough of slapping the ground with my shovel for hours. So I grabbed my two axes, emptied my bags, and threw a stack of fish over my shoulder. Where was I headed? That was uncertain. Would I come back? Also uncertain. Do I have a pair of hairy man lumps in my pants? Yes, Yes I do. So off I go.

    My tribal village lies on the shores of the lake, near the zone of Cederrat. Zone 937 they call it. I call it zone 930awesomesauce. I head west, running along the shoreline, as to keep my bearing of where I came from. Running through the sand, I can see more tribal settlements. Some are well crafted, with large walls, and moats. Others looked like they had either just been started, or completely abandoned. I keep my eyes peeled for any other "survivors", as I am now in hostile territory.

    I run through the night, stopping only to catch my breath, and maybe grab a drink of water from the river. The wind is rough, pushing down my armor as it whips through the trees. I keep pushing through the rough terrain, heading towards the mountains. There are many stacks of logs, it seems the villages nearby have been busy. I keep notes of the village names and leaders, if in the future they are hostile, I know where they live, if they are friendly, I can aid them in time of need.

    I keep my heading west, and I start to climb the granite rock mountains I had seen in the distance earlier. The steep face of stone slows me down, my energy depleting faster than normal. Upon reaching the top of the mountains shoulder, I notice something. Its a glow, in the misty distance. I eat a couple of the fish I brought with me, and grab a few drinks from a nearby waterfall. I keep heading towards the glow, compelled to find out its source.

    With energy levels back up, I start to run, I must find out what this glow is. The sky turns green as I get closer. The glow appears to now be moving. As I get closer and closer, the sky turns greener and greener. Is this the forbidden zone I've heard of? My instincts tell me Yes, it is. I make it to the moving glow, its a waterfall, and its radioactive.

    All that running has left me completely dehydrated. I wonder if I should head back to get a drink from the non-contaminated water. But the glow calls to me. Kneeling down, I drink the green water. It burns as it makes its way down my throat, but I keep drinking. As I have my fill of Radioactive water, I notice a large shadow in the thick green distance. I go towards it to investigate.

    Its a bear. And he is big.

    On his back is a large spot of gray, this bear has seen many days. With axes in hand I creep closer to him. He doesn't seem to notice me, standing on his hind legs like a human, as to maybe stretch. I get closer, and closer. He see's me. I grip my axe handles hard. He comes at me with a large swipe of his right paw, I dodge and swing with my left. It makes contact. I can see the bear is getting pissed. He keeps swinging at me, I keep dodging, and backing up slowly while swinging my axes at the opportune moments. Hit after hit, I keep making contact, hes barely scratched me. However, I am also not paying attention to where I am backing up.

    My health starts dropping. I start to swing wildly. This bear must die fast, I'm getting hit without seeing it. The mist is thick, I can barely see him. I keep backing up, my health starts plummeting. As his death is near, I finally drop to the ground, the radioactive has killed me.

    I wake up in my village, how I got there, I have no idea. My tribe mates ask what happened, I tell them the story. They laugh, and I put my head down, and do the the walk of shame back to my shovel...

    TLDR; I got owned by the mist.

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