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    Looking for Tribe/Busco Tribu

    Hello, im a 25 year old spaniard who is now back in uni and is looking for a tribe to play and have some fun with. I have not yet even played the game as I am currently downloading it, tho ive read my fill around the forum and seen a few vids.. Just came across this game when doing a google search for something similar to uo and from the bunch of games i came across Xsyon seemed to fill most of what i was after.

    Ive played many mmo's, starting with uo (how i miss it) where i spent 3 years, following onto wow where ive been playing for over 5 years (unfortunatelly i might add) however during those long years ive also played or tried out, eve, df, war, lotro, ddo and more.. The last year has been mostly spent in APB and LoL as well as bfbc2 and way too many single players to mention..

    I consider myself to be a decent gamer and a team player, im looking for a decently sized tribe which will help me learn. I do enjoy pvp, however i feel the crafting, building and probably social part of the game will absorb me more at least at the start (will have to see how things play out) so i guess a good or neutral aligned tribe would fit me best i'd also prefer a tribe with some sort of age restriction if thats being done at all xD

    tldr : Newb looking for decently sized tribe, good or neutral alignment.

    Spanish : Busco tribu, preferiblemente de buen tamaņo y alineado al bien o neutral.

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    you can join with us, link is in my sig - we are a well orgainized tribe and would be happy to bring you on board.

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    Check out Hopi ( We're a good-aligned tribe with a lot of friendly, mature, and more importantly, active members. See you in Tahoe.

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    If you Want to Join a newly set up tribe with close knit views and where you actions matter, Then please Head on over to . We are currently looking for "officer" type roles to fill .

    Hope to see you soon!


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    Te he mandado un privado!

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    PM sent, please check your inbox.

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    Thanks for all the pms and tribe offers, i'm taking my time to decide as im not much of a "guild hopper" (as an example my 5 years in wow were spent in the same guild, through the good and through the bad) as well as learning the game a little bit so im not a complete and utter nub when i do join a tribe xD

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    I just wanted to extend an invite. We are Legion, a tribe of survivors near incline, we have 28 members and plenty of things to do. Also we have Ventrilo, which allows us to aid you better when teaching the ropes of the game.

    Look for

    or my self

    in game and apply at our website. SE HABLA ESPAņol!

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