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    Who killed guy?

    There is a proverb in turkish, something like "there is no bad advertisement" but ganking an article writer in his first day...

    I follow a few MMO sites and one that focus on P2P game is So people that seek P2P games go there.

    And there is a series of articles named survivor guy, which enters games as a player and write down his opinions which helps people to see what to expect.

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    Pretty good read! Thanx for the heads up!

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    Very nice read. Im going to have to read more of his stuff.

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    Haha yeah I read that a while back.

    :/... people seem to have a really hard time even trying to figure out how to drink and stuff. Right when I hopped into the game I opened up every window to see what was in it and didn't really have any problems (of course I wasn't around any killing types).

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    The crux of the biscuit (FZ)

    Fun article I had read it; defo well above the average quality norm for MMORPG.COM, I hope this guy stays. Good sense of humor too.

    What strikes me is that so far, I have not heard *one* person (except the writer, who - rather clearly to me - is pointing out this phenomon in a joking fashion) state the obvious underlying issue.

    A person enters Xsyon, tries a lot. Without reading the manual ('If all else fails, read the manual') he goes around and behaves as a 'survivor' would. He tries, thinks, retries, experiments, and comes to the conclusion he cannot do this alone.

    And here is the kicker: he asks *once* as far as I can tell, for help from a tribe, or rather offers to become a Tribee.

    Two different people chase to the point (he must have given his zone/loc?) where this new player can be savaged. They first have at each other (not wanting the other in their back while killing the newbie) and then the survivor murders the new player.

    Anybody care to tell me the current retention rate, team?

    I still am baffled, after over 75 MMORPG, and sooo many other games, that people can put *years* of hard work into what is truly a marvellous concept, and then be so *utterly* blind to the two or three most basic flaws that are sinking their game faster than an M1A1 dropped into Lake Tofu .

    I hope they get the message. They better get it fast, or it's Xsyonara.

    Lucas aka Flux

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    I never have understood the mentality that allows people to justify ganking newbie players. The newbie isn't going to offer any or much of a challenge and in some cases may never log back in. Some of those people who run around indiscriminately killing are the same people who yell and shout about games dying, lack of things to do, lack of population...whatever. But killing off the baffled newbies isn't going to help the cause.

    *And just to clarify for anyone who might read this, this isn't an anti-pvp post. This is a "why can't people think their actions thru" post. =P *

    But to be on topic:
    Excellent article. Glad you posted a link to it, otherwise I probably would have never seen it. =D

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