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    Rabid Racoon Defense Force

    We will be mobilizing in support of the racoons.

    That these gentle, furry little critters are being portrayed as vile murdering monsters is pure careabear propaganda.

    What actually happened, is this 'doctor', set about building his mud hut right on top of a sacred racoon burial ground. he was politely asked to leave the area...but told the racoons, "...I have my totem down, you can't make me do anything...'.

    Generations of racoon ancestors were disturbed. And to the racoons horror, he actively searched for racoon bones to make bling out of! The horror. The doctor eventually robbed all of the ancient racoon graves, and had to venture outside his protected area (to defile more). It was then that the racoons pounced. They knew they were no match for a human alone, so they banded together to remove him from their sacred lands.

    In light of the racoons desperate and heroic actions to protect their homes and ancestors, we will be mobilizing to assist them in defending their territory.

    An person seen purposely harming a raccoon will be dealt with as an enemy.


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    I hope you get ganked to oblivion by everyone.

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    I'll make sure we come prepared.

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    Hahaha. Its gonna be fun. Killing you and your racoons....

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    sweet! not only will be get our fill on bones we get your gears too. hope you bring some nice clothes

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    Quote Originally Posted by savageasf View Post
    sweet! not only will be get our fill on bones we get your gears too. hope you bring some nice clothes
    Anyone stupid enough (hopefully) To turn up kitted out to the teeth .. well hope you have some spare pants

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    I'm not lame enough to go without gear.

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    I live in 815, I will be selling pants to the highest bidder

    I will also be selling pauwalu baskets ranging from pouches to bins... whatever your storage needs are while in the area. Them bones gonna get mighty heavy there pilgrim!

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    don't warry friend i come to help you and our loved racoons to chase away these bad grave robbers

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