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    740 - Lots of high quality goods

    zone 740 950 480 at the totem are available many quests for high quality goods. Taking $dollars as payment.

    pioneer saws, old saw blades, pioneer spades, weapons, metal buckles, rubber scraps/grips, zippers, bones, bricks, ,various metal stuff, and many more!

    The are nearly 100 quests i put up today, but because you cant scroll down you can only see 22 at a time(or 44 if you click "Title") as items are bought more will be visable. Dumbass devs

    So come on over and grab what you can while its hot!

    Note: all crafted tools were manufactured by a 100 toolcrafter. Supreme quality tools available upon request $prices negotiable.

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    100 toolcrafting?!? Way to go man, huge gratz. Consider this a complimentary bump.

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    Wanted to bump Akraxeus for crafing excellent tools. I sent him a PM with a list of tools that I would require for Bonecrafting, got a PM back telling me to check the totem quests in his tribe in zone 740. Sure enough I purchased my tools with Dollars and they are all Very High Quality. Also very reasonable with his pricing. cheers mate, thnx for the tools

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    Weapons, did you say? VH Q?

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    I had a few vhq weapons but they are all gone now, havent scavenged in a while.

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    Wow. Any HQ axes would be very much appreciated. I will trade you some scavenging items I'm sure we could work something out.

    I don't know why you are accepting dollars when pennies and quarters are just as rare. But I honestly don't mind handing you that worthless trash right now

    If you are going to use a currency system...perhaps you should just say all pennies, quarters and dollars are worth the same amount. In this game they truly are.

    Then you have nails, screws, bolts and rivets which are worth infinitely more than dollars, pennies and quarters.

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