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    Calling all Rednecks - Tribe will be good until the rift raft of the outside world come a calling.

    Early in history the Scots-Irish had good reason to be called REDNECKS. These Hill-Folk didn't take kindly to outsiders either in Ireland or the new world. Since the Scots-Irish came here they have been a force to be reckoned with.

    GreyEagle Is leader For Now. Elections will be scheduled. RP players preferred.

    Private basket's for your crafting needs is a must. Tribal Baskets and Resource Stacks exist for all Tribal Members to use, but replace what you use.
    Tribal Cloth Baskets will be open for all, but gather 4 bundles of cloth and sort the bundles into the right bins BEFORE you take any cloth out.
    Don't come back to the Tribal Area empty handed - Scavenge Scavenge Scavenge FORAGE FORAGE FORAGE
    Tool Bins will be used for the loaning of tools as long as you replace the tools before you log off
    *Mature Adults sought for friendly ribbing and/or attack of non-Rednecks.
    *No discussion of Politics or Sex allowed. Smack Talk shall go Private.
    *Pvp for players who desire it; peace and quiet for those who don't.
    *Non-Redneck players will be admitted per Tribal Vote. Not everyone is perfect.
    *voting will be held regarding TeamSpeak or Ventrillo.
    *Former members of The Ascended accepted on a case by case basis.


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    Hello Redneck! Bump to you great player. Cant wait to see how far you go! Best of luck to you!

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    Shout out for LONELY HILL FOLK.

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    Any new players out there?

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    Tribe has disbanded and joined legion

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