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    Desperate Housewives

    We will be making an appearance. Features look too good not to.

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    thanks for telling us :huh:
    Quote Originally Posted by Luculus View Post
    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
    Give a man a fishing pole....and he can kill bears with it.

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    can i join?

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    (we're kind of a big deal)

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    A big deal when you were 9 months ahead of the game on EU then transferred to NA when you guys probably couldnt handle EUs competition :laugh:

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    quick lets make a post about it

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    [b]August Burns wrote:[/b]
    [quote](we're kind of a big deal)[/quote]


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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    Whatever you say

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    ...Darkfall was a fun game but it did the PvP MMO community a true wrongdoing. It gathered all the a-holes into one place, disappointed them, and then let them spread into other promising games.

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    Re:Desperate Housewives

    You can call us a-holes, but all we really are is people who were touched by UO or EQ or AC and have just been looking for a feeling close to what we used to have.

    Darkfall tried and failed, don't blame the players for getting angry and spiteful for being in a bad environment.

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