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    Game graphics

    I'm buying the game when my pc is repaired...meanwhile i'm on my laptop, not the best one around, not even the worst but its more close to that. i pretty much use it just for carrying my work/documents/porn/internet around and when it comes to i play COD1/Minecraft/Mount & Blade/played WoW once here (which i'm ashame of). and now when my good pc is down i found Xsyon, it amazed me enough to be encouraged to buy it and when i saw the pics, videos and stuff i thought: "awesome, the graphics are not super ultra mega high-end so i can play it even on my laptop (im impatient person and i wanna play so bad)

    My main question is: are the system requirements for this game so high as they are in the FAQ section on the official site? the game graphics doesnt seem to fit the system requirements, or am i wrong? don't take me too serious becasue this is my humble opinion as a youtube/forum/gallery stalker
    Another thing is, the MO system requirements are much lower that these which is weird becasue MO has more advanced graphics than XSyon IMO
    I'm not gonna post details of my laptop here because i dont wanna attract all those fanatic flame soliders willing to flame any thread possible. because for them it doesn't matter what pc i will post here they just want to flame it and will tell me that this pc is utter shit and blah,blalhblahblahblah.
    So is there a reason why are the SR so high, or its just misleading?
    thx in advance


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    I think the system requirements are so high because of all the modifying of the environment that you can do. Recently there was a problem which caused a lot of peoples FPS to drop, but they since corrected that.

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    So do you think (from info that i have provided about my laptop) that i should be able to run it? (its no prob for me to run it at lowest settings)

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    Ignore the flamers and post your spec's, most computers can play the games you mentioned. If you can play wow max graphics or close to that you should be fine running this at lowest setting or close to that.

    I have a 3.1 ghz cpu, 4 g RAM and a somewhat older cheaper video card. I run the game on almost lowest setting and have alot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TehNick View Post
    So do you think (from info that i have provided about my laptop) that i should be able to run it? (its no prob for me to run it at lowest settings)
    No one is going to flame you for your specs. I have multiple pcs, some good, some really, really crappy haha.

    I can tell you that I run Xsyon on medium settings with this computer fine: 2.4ghz core2duo, xp64bit, 9800GT, 4gb ram. In beta I got fantastic FPS, but after release FPS dropped. It has since gotten better.

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    So from what i heard there i should give it a shot....if it doesnt work i will return to minecraft until my pc arrives (hope its soon enuf so i dont waste my game time :P)
    Thx for rly fast replies


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