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    Parry Blocking Dodge

    I'm assuming that once these thing have a greater usefulness (maybe a low skill makes it pretty useless). I was thinking that this might make fighting a tad bit more interesting...

    Dodge: this is fine (assuming it's useful at higher levels or after combat is fixed).

    Parry: How about when a player attacks with their left mouse against a player attacking with their right mouse, then THIS is a parry. It's not the same, but it's kind of what you see on sword fights. Both fighters swing their weapons at each other and end up connecting whether a block was intended or not. This will mitigate damage quite a bit and make the use of left and right mouse attacks more useful. Both fighters will also have that parried side "stunned" for something like 0.2 seconds. So you can attack right after with the other hand if you wanted, but not with the same hand.

    Block: The current parry, but you can hold this down. You move slower, but not as slow as stealth and you can't run or jump. It drains stamina and some health when attacked. You lose more stamina then if you attacked normally. The attacker will not lose hp, but will be stunned for like 0.1 seconds.

    What does the people think about this?

    It's an idea btw. I thought about this in 3 minutes. Flame if you want.

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    If the Mount and Blade style combat is introduced this would all be fixed. I really wish the dev team would push harder to get the combat fixed. I havent logged in in weeks simply because the combat is so terrible and there are no players to engage in combat with. Fix the combat and I believe many players will return.

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    They can't push forward to fix combat when syncing/performance aren't fixed. They already don't sleep...

    However, that comment really doesn't help my idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orious13 View Post
    ... Dodge ... Parry ... Block ...
    I'm about the most incompetent combat player one can find, thus please excuse my ignorance.

    But I've always wondered why anyone would want to dodge, parry or block. The best one can achieve is not to get hit, with an attack the best one can achieve is to hit the other player. Looks like a clear-cut advantage for the attack move to me.

    (RL combat doesn't really apply here, in RL one single hit can decide the fight, in a game one usually doesn't want one-hit fights.)

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    Larsa, as it is you are right in that there would be no point to parry or block if all it did was negate a single attack; however parry and block systems don't need to be like that. A successful block or parry could decrease your opponents stamina guage in addition to the stamina used to attack, it could throw your opponent off-balance which would prevent them from adjusting position or attacking for some amount of time, or it could place some sort of buff on you. All of those are possible ways to make blocking and parrying useful.

    Dodging should change your position quicker than using the movment keys normally would allow. Which is a decent enough reason to use it in my opinion.

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    If you make dodge, parry, and block useful enough then there will be 5 dimensions of combat (including attacking and movement) instead of 2. Making characters slow enough while in combat mode so that the only way they can really avoid a hit is if they use the dodge ability would alone make dodge more useful than the crazy running around tactic that decides "skill" in most fps/3ps enviornments. There are too many games where all you do is run around/jump around like crazy and attack. It's pretty shallow.

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