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    Several questions about tribe upgrading and totems

    Hi guys,
    i have some questions:

    1. My tribe is at clan size now (9 ppl). Is it still valid, that once i reach 10ppl for being a band sized tribe, i would need to disband my clan tribe before i start a new band tribe IF i would take advantage of the bigger territory?

    2. If i have already buildings (and baskets) inside the old tribe territory, and i disband that tribe to reform it at the same place. Do i still have access to all of that (not that there is much access in buildings)?

    3. I am sure i read somewhere that the tribe upgrading process is going to be revamped so that disbanding/resetting the totem is no longer necessary.
    Does anybody know when that will happen?

    thx in advance

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    you have to disband your tribe and wait until you have all 10 people back in before you can set your totem.

    Nothing will happen to your buildings or your bins, only thing you have to be careful about is someone else putting their totem down where yours was while you wait to get everyone back in tribe.

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    there is also a timer on replanting a totem. forgot what it is...but it is a decent amount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubanka View Post
    there is also a timer on replanting a totem. forgot what it is...but it is a decent amount
    its 360 minutes, (6 hours)
    a rather long wait if you have a large number of bags and buildings, as anyone can just walk up and disassemble the walls/buildings in that time. or if you had any bags set to public and forgot.

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    thx for your replies.

    i then rather wait until the tribe upgrade mechanics are getting revamped. every detail in this game is annoying somehow.

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