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    How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    I have a video of it, but have to edit it first, but no time for it. Some screenshots though. This is more of a bug report on the fact water does not yet flow into a hole I dug before connecting it to the water, but should give you a good impression of how it will work.

    To get the water in the hole you first need to re-dig the places of the hole, it will then not online fill the hole, but only the grid you dug in (seems to be a 1x1 meter grid). Still pretty nice water is not just a plane like in Wurms Online.

    Once again movie will follow when I have time to edit learn how to edit it properly :P Also not that in the hole water would not appear until it was connected to the water.

    [img size=500][/img]

    [img size=500][/img]

    inbetween (the bugs!):
    [img size=500][/img]
    [img size=500][/img]

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    Re:How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    Very interesting. I didn't think water was moving yet, maybe thats only river flow not moving? Any in-game report if rivers and streams flow?

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    Re:How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    Well done!

    Does current code allow you to dig while in the water?

    If so, in all water, or only shallow water?

    The terraformers from Wurm will certainly want to know about digging limitations in water before we start building absurd defensive structures near coasts. :woohoo:

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    Re:How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    Slideshow of a Stream being built off a river.

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    Re:How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    The terraforming works fine.If you keep terraforming over those plants they disappear,but you were too lazy to do

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    Re:How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    added video to OP

    At time of writing the video is not completely processed with youtube will also state. So a better quality should appear when it has processed the video completely.

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    Re:How Water (not yet perfectly) works

    dude you found atlantis!

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