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    Complete crafting tree's Til players actualy exist

    I have been playing the game a few weeks and there is not manny people in game . The devs have made a game where you cant progress unless you trade with others for various good to continue crafting cause you cant make certian gear without other gear my question is this.

    How the hell are you meant to progress when there is no one to trade with ,sure its a great idea having this kind of system for trade but what happends when there is no one to trade with !!!! PLEASE ADD crafting tree's that are joined and complete and not this incomplete non complumentry that you cannot make something without something .Even if you tweak the crafting resapies a little til we have more of a playerbase.

    I am not asking you to make it easy i am asking to acnollage the situation that there are days due to the population being so low that the crafting knife i need to progress my crafting may not be able to be aquired from another player. AND without it you cant do anythign so spend days walking in areas that are not populated trying to find the one person who might have one. Crafting Tree's need to reflect the posibility that you may not ever find a player to trade with .

    Dont get me wrong the idea of the crafting you have in place is brilliant but only brilliant if there are loads of tribes and players to actualy trade with ,this should be tweaked in my opinion Til you have a playerbase of say 1000 + .

    So you understand in my timezone there are 1-3 players max on the server . This makes trading almost imposable.

    I am trying my hardest to support this game even though it is way off where it should be as an alpha for a paying customer in my opinion . I know the Dev's are working hard but i say you should not sacrifice the now at the expence of the future.

    You have a good backbone of the game at present so lets build from that .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sionate View Post
    So you understand in my timezone there are 1-3 players max on the server . This makes trading almost imposable.
    the white sutff is general chat not the entire server....

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    ~10% of the land mass (9 zones)

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    This comment was due to my inexperance i ahve since talked to a few players and some guides i thankyou for lissening to my Rant.

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    Don't know what is your tribe zone, Sionate.
    You can contact me in game.
    I'm in zone 737, character named "Gerry", and I can craft you every tools you want... (except shovels).

    I think 1/4 of players are toolcrafters (don't really know, but a lot). How could not you find one to craft you a crafting-knife ? oO strange...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubanka View Post
    ~10% of the land mass (9 zones)
    actually 7%

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Mar 2011
    I am in 697 can make all tools and my time zone is GMT+1
    So youre welcome to visit

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    Im in 781 and can provide you with almost anything you need in trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xyberviri View Post
    actually 7%

    (the ~ means about, i was making an approximation, it's probably even less than 7 when you figure the lake, but i don't really care that much, just enough to write this post )

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