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    Major suggestion

    Make a ingame Survey once a week. On this survey ask questions posted on forums from suggestions. So everyone gets to answer who plays. If we go buy just the forums every one don't get herd. Not everyone post or reads them and I would suggest this so every one gets a say. Example below

    1. How do you feel about pvp?
    Strongly Don't matter Not at all

    2. How do you feel about tribal banners?
    Strongly Don't matter Not at all

    make it so they have to answer or the screen don't go away. This type of system helps developers know what the players want most and how they feel about it. Also helps developers know more clearly who will be upset with the change and who will not so they can better weight there decissions if they decide to change something. The forums only give a few opions and answers and they should never speak for the whole gaming community.

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    i think this would be a great idea and i think that if they don't fix animals soon that people are going to cancel subs

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