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    Greetings fellow survivors!

    Hey Xsyoneers!

    Bought Xsyon 3 days ago and love it so far. Found me a really cool Tribe who helped me get started. But the main inspiration to buy Xsyon came from Saintbob's Youtube tutorials ( Youtube User:Thezownage). They helped me alot finding my feet and navigating the menus with ease.

    If your ever around 1020, call out for Zayne for a friendly chat

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    YOu've been luckier than others.Not having bad experiences first days ingame


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    Saintbob's videos also made me decide to buy the game, that guy should be given a job as an advertiser, lol.

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    Welcome to the game and when your tribe fails feel free to give us a call

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