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    List of RP tribes

    I was looking to see how many RP tribes we have in Xsyon;
    If you are a RP tribe can you post here with your zone number (or approximate area)
    I'll update this post in a few days with anyone who replies.
    Please also tell everyone a bit, 3 or 4 lines max, about your RP.

    Brethren of the Seals (zone 777) Monk/Monastery RP
    Audacian Republic (zone 904) Roman Republic Light/Medium RP
    The Duchy of Wessex (zone 862) Medieval RP
    Barter Town (zone 861) Apocalyptic Transient Camp Theme RP
    Industrial Strength (zone 739) Mercenaries for Hire RPK

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    We, the [URL=""]Brethren of the Seals[/URL], are a small RP tribe located in zone 777.

    We are monks. Our camp is the Monastery of the Twin Waterfalls located to the southwest of Sugarpine, in the mountains overlooking Lake Tahoe.

    From our recruitment thread:

    [Quote]Being a monk is a state of mind more than everything else. A mind where you are at peace with your surroundings and fellow survivors, a mind where you have let go of shallow and superficial ambitions. A monk's strenght comes from within himself and it's the strength of his soul that counts.

    We can be trusted. We are the monks. We are the Brethren of the Seals.[/Quote]

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    The Audacian Republic is a light to medium RP guild influenced by Roman culture. That is to say that we have Roman structure in ranks and Senate, we style ourselves as best we can after the Roman Republic, and we base our strategies on Roman ways of thinking. We value structure and discipline above all, and use quality weapons and technological advancements to achieve domination of the battlefield.

    You can check out our recruitment thread [URL=""]here[/URL].

    Please visit our webpage [URL=""]here[/URL].

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    updated to here
    Audacian Republic wanna give me your aproximate zone? (like 68? or 10?? if you dont wanna give away your exact area? or near zephyr etc)

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    We are by carson city, zone 904

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    Is Carson city a set of ruined buildings? I may have to come up and visit you guys some time and visit the city

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    sure welcome anytime, been to your place a few times myself already

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    Wessex is also around. Come visit!

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    Mela wanna gimme a zone number for Wessex and I'll add yas?

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    too short.............

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