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    Looking for a tribe...

    Completely new to the game just downloaded and got it installed. Looking for a tribe willing to help me learn the ropes. Hoping someone can pick me up from a start location will remake and start where ever I am needed.

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    PM sent, check your inbox.

    Join Us

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    Legion is always looking for new players to help learn the game. We all have become a very close group of friends and are always looking for new members! Let me know in game Message "Hallendra, LiquidBlade, Keea, Alexi in game any one of us will be more then happy to help you out.
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    Covenant of the Phoenix is always looking for good peeps... We're very friendly and our presence in game is growing all the time... Feel free to check out our website and regardless of your choice of Tribe if you ever have any questions, feel free to whisper me in game...

    Check out our Introduction Video as well.

    Zippity - Covenant of the Phoenix Tribe

    Website -
    Catch us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well

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