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    Anyone seen this structure in-game since launch?

    I'm wondering whether a particular structure is in-game at the moment. It is included in several beta/prelaunch screenshots and even in a video of Lux Arcana's Village from January/February.

    This is the clearest picture I know of for the structure.

    Here is a link to the youtube video showing them (near the end) in Lux Arcana's Village.

    Just curious if anyone has seen it or can make it in-game at the moment.


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    I personally have not seen them in-game ever. I really want them though.

  3. #3's called the "Pioneer's Canopy"... one of my dream recipes. Lots of people complain about how hard or easy it is to master their craft, but most players have not chosen to be an Architect. Talk about hard. It is the only craft that you cannot scavenge a receipe for and learning a new one as your are crafting your skill is very random. So far the architects have not been able to figure out a rhyme or reason to learning new recipes. It is the most intensive labor and resource hog of all the crafts to learn.

    I will say though, the mystery of it is interesting.....and before all is said and done, I'll be a master at it.


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    that structure was in game when i played in beta, i don't see why they would have taken it out.

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    Level 85 architecture here... have never seen that recipe since I've been playing, which was early February. There are a lot of recipes for architecture that are missing... with no explanation as to why.

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    OK I have had a chat to one of the developers today and he tells me that the Pioneer Canopy is coded, but not in the game as yet

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    Thats odd. Did they say why it was taken out, cos it was in game before release.

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    Yes I know, but I didnt ask that - he was pretty busy

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    Aye, saw that joint a tons in Cerredat...its one of the simpler to make...
    Sry I cant give a name I always focused on Pioneer and the Huge tent..before they locked those I just ground like in '10

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideDina View Post
    OK I have had a chat to one of the developers today and he tells me that the Pioneer Canopy is coded, but not in the game as yet
    That's the third or fourth structure that I've heard was taken out between beta and launch. That's disappointing...was really the only recipe that I wanted with architecture...

    Ah well, hopefully they patch stuff in soon...

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