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    Feelings about the game - positive and negative.

    I've been waiting a long time for a sandbox MMO.

    Quite honestly, in concept, Xsyon is the game that I would design if I was asked to build an MMO, some mechanical differences aside. This game has my support, but not my expectations.

    I bought this game, knowing it might fail, because I feel confident in my decision to support a company that is building the type of game that I really do love. I am very much in the mind set that consumer power is important and I'd like to see a future trend of sandbox and player driven games.

    I am having trouble playing right now because of terrible connectivity issues. I don't mind the low population, simply because it makes your interactions with other people more valuable, even though it obviously means financial woes for the publisher.

    I would say also that the steep learning curve, while not a deterrent to me, would push away most gamers. Better in-game instructions about how to actually accomplish anything would probably be beneficial.

    I would say in all that this game is plagued with a troublesome number of technical issues and that is the primary negative aspect of this game. This is a game for people who love sand box games and when these issues are fixed I see no reason why Xyson could not have a loyal and happy player base.

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    Thanks for sharing What is a sandbox game? Its your creativity that you can put into a sandbox. Lots of sand (dry or wet) and you shape the world that you can build. That is fun

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    I liked that when I started I felt like I was lost in the wilderness. I didn't know how to find food or water, I didn't understand how to do almost anything cept run (not even sprint), and most of all no yellow exclamation points.

    It captured the wonder of original EQ for me, even though it is a very different game style-wise, and also captured the building and community aspects from Pre-NGE SWG

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    I agree... This game is what I have been crying for for several years now. I havent felt this way about an MMORPG since early SWG. As with the OP I bought this game - if nothing else - to support a developer making "my kind of game". I will be sad to see it fail, and right now I am a bit concerned about that. But I wont regret buying the game regardless. So far I've had alot of fun. I am concerned that the fun will run out if they do not implement more features soon, but I'm trying to stay optimistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muadhquren View Post

    I would say also that the steep learning curve, while not a deterrent to me, would push away most gamers. Better in-game instructions about how to actually accomplish anything would probably be beneficial.

    You must be joking... What are you finding overly difficult that can't be found in the manual or figured out?

    You asked how to get "unstuck" earlier today... Its listed on the "Patcher"

    I find it laughable to speak of steep learning curves after playing any game for only a few hours, while neglecting information provided.

    Welcome to Xsyon

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    The game is broken, the server is empty, and the cool cosmetic features became boring after it became apparent that there was nothing else to flesh out the gameplay.

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    Well I too was and still am excited about the concept of the game, but content and pvp is sorely lacking, and I am disappointed in the progress of a game that is suppose to be ready, maybe the push to release was to swift. I understand the dollars are needed but Jookey was getting 40 dollars a piece from us to play the beta, Beta should have continued and to pay for the game now is just not fees able when content is not there. I would suggest forgo the monthly charge and get more to buy the 40 dollar package until pvp, animals, and wear and tear on all items and game is really ready for full game mode.

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    when I bought the game I knew it was poor in content but I was hoping that should be added immediately after release Unfortunately I was wrong the game is inundated with technical problems just a small patch to send the server to crash,
    waive monthly fees on hold to have real content to the game would be a good idea.
    unfortunately I do not think they have the resources necessary for such a maneuver.

    sorry for english google translator.

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    I love it all the stuff missing will get added no big deal,lag and crashes will get ironed out.Wish players would come back but that will happen in good time.

    I just dont get why most people are so upset about the game.The two biggest beefs i hear are nothing turned on and animals dont spawn right so there bored.Yet there tribes city is half done im sure there crafting isent 100 and ready to go when Q and decay hit us.Plus i have more bones and animal heads that i know what to do with.Guess some people are not happy unless there upset.

    But as much as i love the game crashing is getting me tired.

    I can wait out all the bad i have been waiting for a game like this forever.I just cant play games where your cant build on a toon and it matters.I play 15 hours a day and have yet been bored yet hell i feel like i need more time.

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    I love the concept and post apocalyptic setting; I love how you can terraform the world to your will; However I dont like the lack of creatures right now, the over abundance of junk, the presetted crafting recipes and the clunky pvp engine.

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