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    Hey folks!

    Newly arrived in Xsyon and having trouble downloading/patching the game data. Patching from a solid connection but finding seemingly slow download speeds, combined with regular 'Error: Connection dropped' interruptions.

    I wouldn't mind the slow downloads as much if I felt I could leave the download overnight, unmonitored - but I feel unable to trust it to complete without error.

    Does anyone have any known tips or tricks to help this problem?

    Any advice appreciated and thanks in advance!

    Added after 3 Hours:

    Update: I'm now at home, and the patching won't even begin!

    I'm currently looking at the updater, and the progress is 0b of 3.61Gb and has been for 10 minutes.

    I am running the patcher in administrator mode.

    Can it really be this difficult to install and patch this game?

    I have never had this kind of problem with any of the (many) MMO or online games that I have played.

    Again, some advice or feedback would be great!

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    Still having this issue? I just started my dl - so far, so good.

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    Update: Tried again last night - and successfully downloaded by this afternoon. Somewhat slow, but at least it worked and I'm up and running!

    Somewhat confused, but starting to love every minute

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