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    Looking at this game, have some questions

    Tried tacking this on with another thread but I guess people aren't looking at that one anymore. I know game websites get out of date, and the Xsyon team has a lot on their plate, so I figured I'd ask the players about the game =) Apologies if some of these questions are answerable in the features section (yes, I've read it, but I've also read a few recent posts that made me think that the page may not be up to date).

    The first questions are about levels/skills. Been talking to my guildies and we're mainly feeling like we want something we can play together but don't need to grind a long time to play. Is the game like Darkfall (i.e. no levels, but you have to grind skills), or are there levels as well? I've read that there's multiple skills, but are there skill caps/decay, or can you eventually pick up every skill in the game? Finally, how much of a grind are we looking at?

    Next is "safety" areas. I've read that currently you can't attack people on their own property, and it seems like there's no way to destroy other people's property, but that this may change. Any word on this yet?

    I've read that certain features are in game atm, but others aren't (like certain body parts can be targeted with varying results, unless what I read was out of date). I've seen the features page, but I'm not sure if it's up to date. I've tried to find something about it, but I've heard religion and technology are supposed to be featured in the game. However, I haven't seen anything even on archery or mounts, let alone vehicles or gods. Are these future plans?

    What of domestication? Are crops and animal taming in yet? I've read that scorched earth tactics are in game, but is there a way to recover from it?

    Finally, customization of buildings, houses ,etc. Are buildings premade like in SWG, or do players do walls, floors, roofs, etc?

    I'm not looking into playing the game before there's a free trial, but the game's got some interesting features that's made it stick out.

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    This game is very much in flux still and many of your questions can only be answered by developers, and even the developers can change their plans. A lot of features aren't yet in game and it's anybodies guess when they will be in game and how things pan out.

    Personally I very much enjoy the game as it is now but you already wrote that you will wait for a trial - and that's probably the right thing to do for you.

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    This game is in what should be Alpha, friends and family testing. Not to be negative, but its just the truth of things. If you jump in, plan for this. There are a few things implemented, and the design is there. It is however, far from being in a released or even open beta state imo. The AI is still in a state that the creatures need to be spawned by GMs manually, if that tells you anything. If you are ok with this, then feel free to jump on in. Otherwise, give Xsyon a few months at least before making the plunge.

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    Thanks to for the responses so far! If I could get some specifics (i.e. "yes, levels are in, but no, houses are pre-built") that'd help me out a lot =D

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    1. Your character hasn't got a general level, but you do have levels for your skills. There is a soft skill cap and skill decay is planned. Its kind of easy to level up most of the skills.

    2. Tribal warfare and and sieging will be added after the Prelude period (6-9 months minimum, expect more). It is planned to be optional, tribes will be able to choose if they want to be warring tribe or not, if not their city can't be attacked and they can't attack others' city.

    3. Combat system is currently under rework. Archery and mounts are in plan.
    4. Animal taming is a planned skill hopefully will be in soon, agriculture is planned during Prelude.
    5. Houses (better to say tents and log cabins) are premade right now, you can't customize them.

    Hope this helps

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    Jadzia, that helps a lot! Thank you very much!

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    save your money to this world of sadness and lag

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