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    Easier way to join a tribe

    Could we get a menu on a tribal totem for people to ask to join? And let the Leader be able to ok the request without the new member being present? Of course the six hour rule should still be applied.

    My problem is I have two accounts now and I cannot get both characters into the homestead since so many people have left the game. I've heard too many horror stories about tribes getting cleaned out by temporary members.

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    Hoping for a UI overhaul soon after they get the basic game running right. There is a lot of things like how we invite members that need some TLC.

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    you can load two clients on the same computer btw, i have done it before i have a buddy in my tribe that only has 3gb of ram and was able to load them. dont expect to be able to move around and zone like crazy on low ram but you should be able to log them both out in the same place. also dont try to load the 2nd client until the first one is ingame and able to move around normally.

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