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Thread: new zoning bug

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    new zoning bug

    Well today while out hunting for animals i found a good spot for a camp,full or trees large pile of trash right on a river. So i call up my tribe mate to come take a look. He gets there says man that scrap pile is torn up no trees and a tribe owns all that land.
    So i started checking after i zone. I no longer crash but nothing is loading correctly now. Each time i cross into a new zone i need to relog to be able to see anything that has changed. But at least im no longer crashing

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    I reported it yesterday

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    Confirmed this can be reproduced today. Was told that redownloading the entire zone file can fix it...

    Don't know that I'll take the time to do this until things are looking a bit better...

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    I havent had this issue yet.. but I guess its close to the phantom tree issue, when trees dissapear when I enter a zone becuase they had been already cut down and their stump destroyed. yet before I enter it shows living trees

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    Happened to a friend yesterday, he came to visit and was not able to see any structures until he reloged.

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