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    Suggestion (Minor) Terraforming

    Add different road types. Should be an easy fix since it would only be a new skin. All other attributes would be the same as the current road. Right now everyone uses the same road type making everyones area sort of look the same. Add 3 or 4 more choices, and I think that ppl will be able to really make their citadels look unique and colorful.

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    I strongly signed that.
    Also it would be nice to have new terraforming habilities.

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    - Full themed architecture sets, including floors, roofs and stairs for multiple story construction.
    I assume from the quote they plan to have different floor tiles. Perhaps add paving to masonry. More sophisticated roads should require ingredients, such as bricks for brick roads. Which would add modifiers, such as cart suffering from more wear on dirt roads as opposed to brick roads. Would also like to see deck plating and perhaps scaffolding.

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