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    Invisible walls and party members disappearing

    I am asking this here to get a good idea of how wide spread this issue is.

    Please let it run so we can get an answer to the problem without it getting moved to the back room quickly.

    This seems to be getting worse for me ...

    I am running along fine can cross zones no lag or issues.. then BAM smack my nose on an invisible barrier. No zone edge mind you, more like a sector in size not a zone size. sometimes just one sometimes across the entire map as far as I am willing to run.

    Yesterday, a party of three of my tribe mates went hunting and I got stuck , relogged and they could se me.. I could not see them.

    Perhaps its totally me or my Nvidia video card.. but I just need to know if others have this too and what card do you run?

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    Hello everyone. This happens to me everyday. Everytime I travel and leave current area. I call it zone wall becuase thats what it feels like. Its exactly what you said. When I encounter the invis barrier, I relog. I log on and I get "empty bar bug" all my green bars are empty. So intead of waiting 20-30 mins, I relog again... When I log back in, I get "out of breath" bug. Again instead of waitnig for 20-30 mins, I relog. After I log in (some of the time) I can not see my tribe/friend member(s). Only current solotion that fixes all of this is getting killed by my tribe mate. Which resets everything to"normal". You are not the only one. You are running Nvidia, I am running ATI Radeon HD. This is the ONLY MMO game that I have problems with, every other MMO that I play, am playing or was playing, I do not have this issue. And I do ctd (crash to desktop) at times. But I continue to play for now. As long as I can fish, work on crafting, and gather resources, I am content for now. I do encoutner the "Death bug". If the mist or jumping off cliffs kills me, I resapwn with my face/body facing down. Again only way to fix this is getting killed by somoene. Its basically the lag, its trying to catch up. Or the video card is trying to catch up with the game. This happens to me everyday. So far i reinstalled the game 7 times since March 18. Its not just you. The logging in and out is a pain. The last two nights didnt help with constant crashes and rerolls. Just hang in there.

    During one betas, this happened to me as well. It was fixed during beta 4 (lost count how many beta was there in all after I took break). The invis barrier wall was fixed, not sure what it was done. Dont know why its happening again during live, and for only some folks.

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    Have you tried renaming your zone.whatever file (I forget the extension) in the data directory of your Xsyon installation and redownloading it (yeah it's a pain at 1.5gb but might be worth a shot)

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    Actually I did try removing my current zone file and copying a clean one from work and ...

    It really seems to have fixed things.

    My suggestion to everyone having similar issues, just delete your current zone.xsip file and let it re-download it .. it will most likely fix the problem.

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    I was also running into "invisible" walls when i was out traveling and it was quite frustrating for me since i would have to re log up to 10 times in one travel. But after googling a bit i found a solution.

    My solution may sound a little funny and it may not make sense but it works.
    1. this only works in windowed mode
    2. make your character autorun against the invisible wall
    3. grab the menu bar
    4. shake the menu bar as fast as you can in all directions
    5. keep shaking and your character should run through the invisible wall within 5-20 seconds

    I know this sounds like it shouldnt make sense, but it works. It somehow forces your character in the next area. you will however experience some lag for a few seconds sense its loading the new area all at once.

    Hope this works for you,

    Edit: this is where i found the info to try this

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    Hmmmm, what to do, what to do

    A. delete current zone.xsip file and re-download it


    B. grab the menu bar and shake it as fast as you can in all directions

    I'm thinking I'll go for option "B", it sounds sorta fun, or at least for a bit.


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    let me know if it works for you China, the "trick" i found at

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    ive been suffering from the invisible gfx buggyness for a few weeks now, its getting beyond annoying lol

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    I'm a lucky one so far gehnukester, and haven't had any of those issues.

    But must say, I enjoyed your post. I'm not making fun of you or the method to fix the problem - I was just having funny visuals of "shaking my menu bar".


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    Gosh, guys just redl your zones.xsip it's so unbareably obvious that's what it is lol...

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