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    Destruction should be limited to Tribal Lands

    The ability to destroy items should be limited to tribal lands. That is, the actual destruction of property.

    Trees should still be able to be cut down, roads can still be paved (yes, including junkpiles though that is a dicky move).

    Logs can still be processed via woodworking outside of tribal lands.

    Logs and Stumps however cannot simply be destroyed unless on tribal lands.

    Items cannot be dropped/destroyed except on tribal lands (at least until the creation of junk piles is enabled)

    You make it, cut it, work it, process it, scav it, fish it - you take it with you or you leave it in containers.

    The current containers should be lootable outside tribal land.

    High level either basketry or architecture can be used to make higher level storage devices (need new recipies) that are locakable but cannot contain as much as storage bins (10 slots for example). They should also be heavy (around 25%~50% enc) to prevent people from carrying too many and certainly from carrying them into combat.

    Just my 2 bottlecaps worth.

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    Agreed on destruction.

    I would also add that buildings and walls someone build and left the area should also stand. Imagine someone investing a lot of time building a bridge that is nicely planned and created and some dick walks by and just destroys it is since he has a small epeen. At leats that moron should be required to drop a totem.

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    I agree with this new motion.. It would make people with small e-peens have to try harder to rage about people that are having more fun then them in game. If people want to destroy trees outside their area for the sole purpose of trying to grief other players then they will have drag a new totem around every six hours. Most people would quickly tire having to wait six hours to do a single task.

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    Or if they do want to have a resource war, they have to drag the stuff back to camp and/or make stuff out of it to drag back (which currently is rather easy due to the enc bug, but eventually that will be fixed) or leave the stuff behind for people to salvage/haul back etc.

    It means that a resource war isn't just 1 guy logging in offpeak deforesting an entire zone in a couple of hours.

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    Must admit i like the basic idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezgard View Post
    Must admit i like the basic idea.
    Indeed! Go with it! (or at least a variation of it). I find it amusing that we can't delete rocks (which are useless) outside of our tribal areas, but we can deforest entire zones if we want.

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    i agree that trees/logs should not be able to be destroyed - however unless they add decay to structures they don't need to be blocked.

    only bridges when they are added to the game should be blocked for destroying them unless they are inside a totem range.

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    I can agree that you shouldnt be able to destroy stumps...but not being able to destroy logs, but being able to craft them, is really a question of semantics. And again, this whole deforestation thing wouldn't be that big ofa deal if the supposed existing systems actually worked. Trees are supposed to regrow. They don't. or at least havent. Instead of arbitrary 'protection' mechanisms, how about just making the designed systems work? and put the reforestation in the hands of the players.

    and the no-drop thing would be kind of about making players PK i'm out scavenging, i'm not heavily encumbered, maybe 40%...i see a char approaching me in a not friendly way. Currently, i'd drop my pack (not to save my stuff, because i'm wearing it...but because it's heavy), and move to engage. If players were unable to drop items, there is no way to shed load before fighting which puts that toon at a massive compared to the pk toon who is coming expressly to fight. You mention containers being lootable and all (which would be good), but if you can't drop anything, how do you put the container on the ground?

    In general...adding mechanisms to compensate for existing mechanisms not working correctly is typically a bad thing.

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    I agree with the trees/stumps. Stumps should not be destroyable outside tribal territory.

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    I fully support the OP's ideas

    It's a bit silly to have a game which is supposedly about "rebuilding the world", when at the same time it is possible to wantonly destroy large parts of it. Especially if much of this destruction has as it's motivation the simple justification of "because I can". Destruction is always easier than building, and especially so in MMO's. It would be a breath of fresh air to actually have a set of rules that would balance things out a bit more.

    In MO a favourite tactic of PK'ers was to kill miners and loggers and then take all their materials.... and delete it on the spot. The killer didn't want the loot and it encumbered him, but he did want to cause as much damage as possible to his victim.

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