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    Two - four looking for mercenary tribe

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a tribe to play with and will be bringing at least one (potentially three) friends with me. We're looking to play as blades for hire. I have no particular preference on good or evil and am more interested in the quality of people I play with. We're all very heavily pvp oriented so please consider that when responding.

    Feel free to PM me if further information about us is desired.

    I hope to see you all around Xsyon soon as friends, foes, or clients.

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    Unfortunately PvP is somewhat lacking right now in the game, so you will be disappointed. If you feel like clicking on my sig, nonetheless, I welcome you to. Once PvP, or more importantly, conquest, expansion and tribal warfare enter the game, we will be messing it up with the best of them. Our website pretty well describes what we're about.

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    What Kinslayer said.

    But AR is a great group of people and we are pretty globally balanced

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    Aye! What Kinslayer and NorCalGooey said.

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