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    What is your top 5 priority list?

    Tell us your top 5 priorioty list that you would like the devs to work on next, don't say bug fixes - I want to know your top 5 feature list.

    1. Item Decay
    2. Combat Revamp
    3. A way to carry mass resources, example would be a pack animal
    4. Auction System (I know this is coming, I'm assuming it will be local to each tribe which will make it very awesome) I'm also hoping that non-tribe members will be able to use this feature.
    5. Finish the quest system

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    1. same
    2. same
    3. farming, wells, irragation, planting that kind of stuff.
    4. Seige, gate mechanics
    5. More crafting variety, waterskins anyone, I can make a coyote head into a helmet but I can't make a waterskin to carry water.
    6. Revamping eating and drinking.

    I know 6

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    1. Chat system with real local chat (distance based)
    2. Rare and regional resources, recipes that need those resouces
    3. Item decay
    4. UI overhaul
    5. Crafting system overhaul (no more learning of recipes through crafting, recipes can only be learned by reading scavenged recipes)
    6. Combat system
    7. Animal spawns and animal AI

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    1. Item Decay
    2. Tooltips-Quality Working
    3. Rare/Regional Resources Implemented
    4. Combat Fixed
    5. Working Regrowth of Trees, Grass, etc.
    6. Working Buildings/Structures (and MORE of them)

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    1. Item decay
    2. Rare resources and recipes, quality
    3. Alignment syytem
    4. Working buildings and comfort, more free building system
    5. Farming
    6. Animal taming

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    1- Item Rarity (decay, evident quality)
    2- Combat Overhaul
    3- War & Siege Mechanics
    4- More PVE combat content (humanoid or animal)
    5- Transportation

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    1) Item decay.
    2) Regional resources.
    3) Items and equipment balanced so that there's no overwhelmingly "right" choice.
    4) Varied PvE. Explorable mines/caves. Dynamic respawns.
    5) Weapon and skill abilities.

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    1) Item decay (I would actually prefer "wear" as I am a very casual player)
    2) faster skill gains with skill loss implemented. .
    3) Having a "practice" check box so items being made are deleted right away or not created in the first place if chosen
    4) Some way to carry water (canteen etc.) or require only one drink to be full
    5) Combat diversity / changes

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    2) Animal Taming
    3) Archery
    4) Books introduced
    5) More Architecture patterns allowing for a more varied city design then what we have ingame atm

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    1. Item Decay
    2. Item Quality
    3. PvP revamp
    4. Rare/Regional resources
    5. A meaning for buildings

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