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    Cool Dont Lose Faith in Xsyon

    For all of those whining and griping and moaning or whichever you do to make your little self-centered lives a bit more tolerable you can atleast lay off the crew working on Xsyon. Heres a few reasons why:

    Notorious Games is a SMALL company, this game I'm sure of it was a huge feat in itself. Lets see any of those who are QQ'ing render the graphics, code the game etc and make it all work. In my honest opinion these guys are doing an outstanding job and most of them probably have real lives outside of game making. Unlike Blizzard who has a bunch of cronies working under conditions of slavery in making games....or what, thats EA but anyway, both big companies like EA and Blizzard, THQ, etc. have people on salary to work around the clock to make a game, Xsyon more than likely does not.

    Xsyon fully has the potential, the complex enviroment and open world that most MMO players crave. Granted its a hybrid twitch based pvp system but hey, I'm not complaining since it is a fun game. The only reason why I havent played as much as I wanted to is because I login and the world is dead. Though I have no doubt that once they get the code leveled out, the durability system implemented and the regrowth system on track, Xsyon is going to shine.

    There is a limited "niche" that Blizzard FAILED horribly in catching and thats the twitch based PVP'ers with a full loot system. Granted you cant fully loot in Xsyon, the system they have is perfect for all. Those who dont wish to partake in PVP go play WoW or some other carebear titled game (Aion perhaps?). Though I am not fully bashing crafters, they do have a place but people just have to get in the mindset that when its says your "LOOTABLE" that means you can lose stuff. Big deal, get over it, you can easily aquire what you lost granted it may require you to lift a few fingers, click a few buttons and probably shift your belly from the right side to left but thats the joy in a game like this.

    I do support crafting, I do support tribal safe areas to an extent. What I mean by this is, a bank or "banks" that you can setup and lock just like what DF and WoW have. However, if the tribal area is sieged and the winning clan takes the lands, the bank should be open for the grabs. This would prevent people from hiding away those items they deem precious because it could be at anytime they could lose everything, just like in EvE if your station is sieged.

    Anyway, I have a potpie to eat, peace..

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    Pretty good post. Agree with most of it.

    They better revamp the Pvp system though eventually. Not just fix it in its broken state, no, I mean revamp it. It takes skill but it's far too twitchy. Make it like Mount and Blade honestly what those developers did was nothing sensational they just had good ideas.

    Also, the block/dodge aren't practical whatsoever.

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    Its really hard to read past the first flamebait line of this thread. If you want to get through to people, learn to not start by insulting them.

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    We will endeavor to bring you a world that will amaze and grip you by the throat.

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    Is calling someone self centered an insult if its the truth? The ones that are insulting seem to be the haters of this game, and they insult the devs. I'd bet theres like 5 people coding Xsyon if that.

    But its the complete truth. 90% of the population is whining and complaining instead of just moving on or waiting it out until a new content patch comes (or waiting until through word of mouth they hear the game is fixed).

    But please don't hang around the forums and bad mouth the devs. It took me like an hour to collect 50 logs. Can you imagine how long it takes to code a game like this?

    Besides, we will all see in a few weeks anyways. They will either give more freetime or lose most of the remaining subscribers. Or the game will be mostly fixed by then with new content. Those are about the only ways it will go down. I still don't know how they will attract most of the inactive population back in the next 6 weeks time.

    Nevertheless, good luck devs and ALWAYS remember, if you can get this game to work (with the CONTENT discussed in the dozens of pages of FAQ) it will truly be the first of its kind and the kind of game most people truly want to play but didn't think would ever be created. Seriously. Well, most mature gamers anyway. You don't see many 14 year olds walking around Xsyon

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    I must say I agree with Kinslayer. Seems like a lot of posts on these forums starts with an insult, and proceeds with a good point. That kinda makes it hard to communicate constructively. But I do agree. Some people just see themselves as consumers only, and thinks that the customer is allways right. I would hope for people to lighten up instead of bashing devs any chance they get. I know my own creativity is sparked by positive feedback. Of course it is important to point out problematic issues. But I think that there is a bit too much focus on the same issues over and over. Even the "something positive" thread turned to negative stuff.

    So as a motivational factor I will (honestly) say: I love this game! I think it is awesome and has more potential than any MMORPG out there. I would wish that NG had more people on staff, but the fact that they have not, impresses me when I see what they have accomplished so far. I just hope it continues, and all the negative vibes on the forum do not discurage devs or scare away new players too much.

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    We are beer-less dev's with no liquor as backup

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    All the goodwill in the world doesn't change the fact that the game is a ghost town.

    Hopefully all this potential brings some players back.

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    Beer-less on a tuesday? - Life is trife

    Quote Originally Posted by Armand View Post
    All the goodwill in the world doesn't change the fact that the game is a ghost town.

    Hopefully all this potential brings some players back.

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    What will bring players back is conquest and expansion which gives the rest of the game meaning.

    And all features working as intended of course.

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