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Thread: New Quahog!

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    Welcome to our trading post of New Quahog - Enjoy the tour!

    Front Gate

    Trading Area

    Crafting and Resources

    Our private home areas

    The Animal Pen area (hopefully they fix AI soon)

    The Overview from a nearby hill

    And our current work in progress - The Pool

    Before we began, we were faced with a mountain of crap...

    Day 1 - The Stairway to Hell!!

    Day 2 - The Pit Awaits!

    The Progression so far through the seasons!

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    Looking good New Quahog. Keep it up!

    No shots of this maze I keep hearing about?

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    you can kind of see it in the NE sector of the bottom photo, but we tore it down by we... i mean i did...

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    Ah too bad I missed it. lol

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    looking good. Guess its time i get back to working on mine!

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    Well done people of New Quahog I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into your tribe! I will stop by later today to trade for some recipes.

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