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    Post Easter Treasure Hunt

    Over the next few days I will be around the game wearing a Zombie Hat - this item is not currently able to be made and there are only 5 available in game right now.
    I am planning to make a treasure hunt on Easter Monday for this hat. It will be placed in a grass pouch and hidden somewhere in game.

    I will post the start time and the zone closer to the time.

    Event will be on 25th April at 9am GMT - Zone that the items is placed on will be announced in game and then in this post for those that miss the in game announcement. Players will not be teleported to the event, I anticipate that it will take some time to find the pouch. I will start giving clues to the pouches whereabouts if it is not found within 24 hours.

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    Thanks for putting up pics Anna

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    You list the date as being on march 25th, when I believe you mean april 25th.

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    Thank you 2tone, I have edited it - doh!

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    Event is postponed one hour due to the fact I forgot the server was down for maintenance

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    Event is live - a pouch containing 1 Zombie helmet has been place on or near Zone 1021

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    <-- will be waiting the 24 hrs. After hours of eye strain, I give up!

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    same here mela, spent a good few hours looking while out exploring to no avail. trying to find something that small inside of 9 zones is a joke, havent even seen a basket from the weekends event either

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    Awww ok I will give a different clue now after 12 hours, it is on Zone 1021

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