Really dunno where to post this so I post it here.

Been doing lotsa scouting last few days since I have to find a new place to call me home. As has been stated by others already, there is a serious deforestation going on in the game. Majority of settlements with nearby junk piles are bereft of trees and thus also twigs and branches. I have seen a lot of smaller junk piles being turned into bumpy big roads. Some people are basically destroying it all, people who might already have given up on this game.

IMO this game is beta and will need lots of months to get ahead from where we are at the moment. I really wonder though about some of the existing implementations, such as skill points. SP are both a boon and a bane. It is a boon if work in another skill can give you points to level up certain very hard to level skills like weapon crafting, bone crafting and all fighting skills. At the same time it is a bane since people will do everything to get their hands on more SP. So the trees are massively chopped down and processed to level up wood working. Some suggestions:
- Introduce karma: All destructive actions towards nature or other resources will give negative karma. Negative karma can lead to stat or skill decrease or will get you in imprisoned by a powerful nature spirit for hours without escape. We all live in a pocket of land that survived the nuclear onslaught so why not introduce spirituality and nature spirits?
- XP can no longer be gained when you hit L70 in a certain skill: No need to massively destroy resources since it won't help you getting better in your prime objectives.
- The warrior chars need their own ways of improving themselves in combat without the need for massively pk-ing other players or destroying resources.